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ᴱQ. polonde n. “alder” (Category: Birch)

A word for “alder” [a type of birch tree] in Early Qenya Word-lists of the 1920s of unclear derivation (PE16/140).

Conceptual Development: The Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s had ᴱQ. ulwe or uluswe “alder tree”, also of unclear derivation (QL/97). The English-Qenya Dictionary of the 1920s had ulwe or ululwe “alder, alder-tree”, but this entry was deleted (PE15/69).

Neo-Quenya: Since it does not conflict with any later words, I would retain ᴺQ. polondë “alder” for purposes of Neo-Quenya.

Reference ✧ PE16/140 ✧ “alder”

ᴱQ. ulwe n. “alder tree” (Category: Birch)

See ᴱQ. polonde for discussion.

References ✧ PE15/69; QL/97



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