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ᴺQ. !mendar (mendár-) n. “station, (lit.) way-stop” (Category: House (other))

ᴺQ. !mendar (mendár-), n. “station, (lit.) way-stop” [created by Arael, NotD] (Category: House (other))

A neologism for a “station, (lit.) way-stop” coined by Arael in the “Neologism of the Day” (NotD) series on the Vinyë Lambengolmor Discord Server on 2023-04-08, a combination of √MEN “way” and ᴹ√DAR “stop”. The longer form angamendar “iron way-stop” can be used for a train station.


MEN “go, move, proceed (in any direction); make for, go towards; have as object, (in)tend; direction, object, point moved toward; region”
ᴹ√DAR “stay, wait, stop, remain”

Element In

ᴺQ. !angamendar (angamendár-) n. “train station, (lit.) iron way-stop” (Category: House (other))

See ᴺQ. !mendar for discussion.


Q. anga “iron”
!mendar “station, (lit.) way-stop”