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Q. #emer- v. “?to herd (sheep)” (Category: Herdsman)

Q. #emer-, v. “?to herd (sheep)” (Category: Herdsman)

A word element appearing in emerwen “shepherdess” (UT/209) and Emerië, a region in Númenor famous for its shepherds (UT/167). Therefore, it probably has something to do with either sheep or herding. The Quenya word for “sheep” máma appears in the same text as an element in the name Mámandil (UT/209), making it more likely that emer- has something to do with herding. The suffix appearing in Emerië is often used to form nouns from verbs, so perhaps emer- is a verb: “?to herd (sheep)”.

This is all quite speculative, and there are no attested Elvish roots √MER with a similar meaning. However, since there are no other Quenya words meaning “to herd”, that is the interpretation used here until more evidence appears.

Reference ✧ UT/167 ✧ #Emer-

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