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Q. quáco n. “crow” (Category: Crow, Raven)

⚠️Q. quáco, n. “crow” (Category: Crow, Raven)
ᴹQ. corco “crow”
Q. quácë “frog”

A word in the Quendi and Eldar essay from 1959-60 for “crow”, derived from primitive ✶k(a)wāk (WJ/395). In notes from the late 1960s Tolkien instead had Q. {koake >>} quácë “frog” < ✶kāwāk, with primitive ✶ for “crow” (VT47/36).

See ᴹQ. korko for a discussion of earlier forms.

Reference ✧ WJ/395 ✧ quáko “crow”



Phonetic Developments

k(a)wāk > quáko [kwāko] ✧ WJ/395