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ᴱQ. eule n. “lamb” (Category: Lamb)

The word ᴱQ. eule “lamb” appeared in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s as a derivative of the early root ᴱ√EWE (QL/36). Unglossed ᴱQ. eulitse seems to be a diminutive form = “*little lamb”

Neo-Quenya: I would retain this word as ᴺQ. eulë for purposes of Neo-Quenya; Helge Fausganger used this word for “lamb” in his Neo-Quenya New Testament (NQNT).

Reference ✧ QL/36 ✧ “lamb”

Element In



Phonetic Developments

‽ᴱ√EWE > eule [ewlē] > [ewle] > [eule] ✧ QL/36

ᴱQ. eulitse n. “*little lamb” (Category: Lamb)

See ᴱQ. eule for discussion.

Reference ✧ QL/36


eule “lamb” ✧ QL/36
-itse “diminutive” ✧ QL/36 (#-itse)