Q. i falmalinnar imbë met, “on the foaming waves between us”

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Beginning of the thirteenth line @@@

References ✧ LotR/377; PE17/127; RGEO/58




“the” ✧ LotR/0377.4001; PE17/127.2806; RGEO/58.1701
falma “(crested or foaming) wave, breaker” allative partitive-plural ✧ LotR/0377.4002 (falmalinnar); PE17/127.2807; RGEO/58.1702 (falmalinnar)
imbë¹ “between, among; in(wards)” ✧ LotR/0377.4003; RGEO/58.1703
me “us (exclusive)” dual ✧ LotR/0377.4004 (met); RGEO/58.1704 (met)
-li “partitive plural (suffix); many, some, a lot of” ✧ PE17/127.2808
-nna “(movement) to, towards, onto; allative suffix” ✧ PE17/127.2809
-r¹ “plural suffix” ✧ PE17/127.2810

Element In

Q. †an i falmalī, “*on the foaming waves”

Reference ✧ PE17/127


an(a) “to, towards, to a point near, alongside” ✧ PE17/127.2818 (an)
“the” ✧ PE17/127.2819
falma “(crested or foaming) wave, breaker” partitive-plural ✧ PE17/127.2820 (falmalī)

Q. i falmalinnar imbë met², “upon the (many) foaming waves between us (two)”

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The 13th phrase in the prose Namárië, which is essentially the same as its poetic version, differing only in its more literal translation. As a collection of modifying elements following a verb, there is nothing particularly notable about its word order.

Reference ✧ RGEO/59 ✧ i falma-li-nnar imbe met “the foaming waves-many-upon (pl.) between us-two”


“the” ✧ RGEO/59.1102
falma “(crested or foaming) wave, breaker” allative partitive-plural ✧ RGEO/59.1103 (falma-li-nnar)
imbë¹ “between, among; in(wards)” ✧ RGEO/59.1104
me “us (exclusive)” dual ✧ RGEO/59.1105 (met)

Element In