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Q. nem-² v. (basic-verb) “*it seems (impersonal)”

Q. nem-², v. (basic-verb) “*it seems (impersonal)”

References ✧ PE22/152


nemne past ✧ PE22/152

ᴹQ. nem- v. (basic-verb) “it seems (impersonal)”

References ✧ PE22/93, 99-100, 105, 111



nemia active-participle   ✧ PE22/100
nemia active-participle “apparent” ✧ PE22/111
nĕmĕ aorist   ✧ PE22/99
nĕmĭ- aorist “seem” ✧ PE22/99
nemit aorist dual   ✧ PE22/99
nemir aorist plural   ✧ PE22/99
nemin aorist with-1st-sg-object “it seems to me” ✧ PE22/93
nemin aorist with-1st-sg-object “seems to me” ✧ PE22/99
nimin aorist with-1st-sg-object “it seems to me” ✧ PE22/93
nemuva future   ✧ PE22/105
nemie gerund “seeming” ✧ PE22/99
nemie gerund “seeming, appearance” ✧ PE22/99
nēma present “is appearing” ✧ PE22/100

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