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ᴺQ. [ᴱQ.] rúvina adj. “burst, ruptured” (Category: to Break)

ᴺQ. [ᴱQ.] rúvina, adj. “burst, ruptured” [created by Helge Fauskanger, NQNT] (Category: to Break)
See ᴱQ. rúvina for discussion.


!ruv- “to burst, rupture”

ᴱQ. rúvina adj. “burst” (Category: to Break)

An adjective appearing as ᴱQ. rûvina “burst” in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s under the early root ᴱ√RUVU “burst asunder” (QL/81).

Neo-Quenya: I think this adjective can be salvaged as ᴺQ. rúvina “burst, ruptured” for purposes of Neo-Quenya based on a Neo-Root ᴺ√RUB. For example, Helge Fauskanger used this adjective in his Neo-Quenya New Testament (NQNT).

Reference ✧ QL/81 ✧ rûvina “burst”


ᴱ√RUVU “burst asunder” ✧ QL/81
#-ina “adjectival suffix” ✧ QL/81 (#-ina)