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ᴱQ. silqelossea adj. “with hair like white flowers” (Category: Hair)

⚠️ᴱQ. silquelossëa, adj. “with hair like white flowers” (Category: Hair)

A word glossed “with hair like white flowers” from a vocabulary list in drafts of the ᴱQ. Earendel poem written towards the end of the 1920s; it was a combination of ᴱQ. silqe “hair” and ᴱQ. losse “white-flower” (PE16/100). It appeared in the nominative plural form ᴱQ. silqelosseën “with blossom-white hair” in the final version of the poem (MC/216).

References ✧ MC/216; PE16/100, 104




silkvelosseën nominative plural   ✧ PE16/104
silqelosseën nominative plural “with blossom-white hair” ✧ MC/216
silqelosseën nominative plural “with flower white hair” ✧ PE16/100


silqe “tress of hair; (glossy) hair” ✧ PE16/100
losse “rose; (white) flower” ✧ PE16/100
#-a “adjectival suffix” ✧ PE16/100 (#-a)

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