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Q. cilintilla n. “looking-glass” (Category: Mirror)

Q. cilintilla, n. “looking-glass, *mirror” (Category: Mirror)
ᴺQ. !ceniril(lë) “mirror”

A word for “looking-glass” in notes written in the late 1950s or early 1960s, the equivalent of but not a direct cognate to S. cenedril (PE17/37). Its initial element was Q. cilin “glass” and its final element was based on an ancient adjective ✶tirlā “looking” from √TIR “look at”.

Neo-Quenya: In notes written in the late 1960s Tolkien gave calca for “glass”, possibly rendering cilintilla obsolete. I feel that cilin and calca can coexist as words for different kinds of glass and so I retain cilintilla as “looking-glass, *mirror”, but if you are concerned about it you can use Q. angal for “mirror”, another word from the late 1960s.

References ✧ PE17/37





cilin “glass” ✧ PE17/37
tirlā “looking” ✧ PE17/37