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SAK root. “draw, pull”

⚠️SAK root. “draw, pull”
THAG “oppress, crush, press”
LUK “haul, drag, *pull; [ᴹ√] magic, enchantment”
ᴹ√TUK “draw, bring”

This root, with the gloss “draw, pull”, appears only as part of an alternate derivation of Q. úsahtië “inducement to do wrong, *temptation” (VT43/23), which is elsewhere given as a derivative of √THAG “press” (VT43/22). The Sindarin cognate úthaes (VT44/30) is hard to explain as a derivative of √SAK, so it is likely that this was only a transient idea, especially since Tolkien indicates that the older form of the verb sahta- “to induce” was †þahta- (VT43/23).

Conceptual Development: The root ᴱ√SAKA appeared in the Qenya Lexicon from the 1910s with derivatives having to do with “search”. The root ᴹ√SAK also appeared in The Etymologies from the 1930s, but with no gloss or derivatives. However, as pointed out by Lokyt in a Discord chat on 2019-07-26, the words ᴹQ. sak- “to be hurt” and Q. sahta “marred” (< ✶saknā?) might be related.

Neo-Primitive: For Neo-Eldarin writing, it is probably better to ignore this root and assume its derivatives are from √THAG. For the senses “draw” and “pull” use derivatives of the roots √LUK or ᴹ√TUK instead. In place of ᴱ√SAKA, it is probably better to use derivatives of √KETH “examine, *seek”.

Reference ✧ VT43/23 ✧ saka “draw, pull”


ᴹ√SAK root. “?hurt, injury”

Reference ✧ EtyAC/SAK


ᴱ√SAKA root. “*search”

Reference ✧ QL/81