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ᴺQ. !matya- v. “to feed” (Category: to Eat)

ᴺQ. !matya-, v. “to feed” [created by Damien Bador] (Category: to Eat)

A neologism for “to feed” coin by Damien Bador as a straightforward derivative of the attested primitive verb ✶matyā- of the same meaning (PE22/135). I would distinguish it from ᴺQ. nesta- “to graze, pasture, (give to) feed” used for feeding farm animals, whereas matya- can be used for feeding anyone.



ᴱQ. kamanta- v. “to make eat, give to eat” (Category: to Eat)

A verb meaning “to make eat, give to eat” in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s, a combination of some form of ᴱQ. mat- “eat” with the prefix ᴱQ. ka- “cause” (QL/43). It appeared as kamanta- with máta- written below indicating a variant form [ka]máta-.

References ✧ QL/43




ka- “cause” ✧ QL/43
mata- “to eat” ✧ QL/43 (máta-)