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Q. hala n. “cast shadow” (Category: Shade, Shadow)

Q. hala, n. “cast shadow, *shade” (Category: Shade, Shadow)
ᴹQ. laimë “shadow (cast by an object or form), shade”
ᴹQ. leo “shade, shadow cast by any object”

A Quenya word meaning “a cast shadow” appearing in two forms, hala and (archaic) †ixal, both cognates to S. esgal and derived from the root √SKAL “cover, veil, cloak, conceal” (PE17/184). The form hala is the normal development from primitive ✶skalā where the initial sk eventually became h, whereas ixal shows a vowel i developing before syllabic and then the surviving sk undergoing metathesis to ks (x).

Neo-Quenya: Given that primitive ✶skalā is actually “the action or effect of overshadowing”, I think hala can mean both “(cast) shadow” and “*shade” as in a shaded region beneath a screen of leaves or something similar. For the screen itself I’d use fanwa.

References ✧ PE17/184





Phonetic Developments

skalā > †ixal [ṣkal] > [iskal] > [iksal] ✧ PE17/184
skalā > hala [skalā] > [xalā] > [halā] > [hala] ✧ PE17/184