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ᴺQ. [ᴱQ.] ^tesar n. “brick, tile” (Category: Brick)

ᴺQ. [ᴱQ.] ^tesar, n. “brick, tile” (Category: Brick)
See ᴱQ. telar for discussion.


ᴱQ. telar n. “brick, tile” (Category: Brick)

A word appearing as ᴱQ. telar “brick” or “tile” in various documents from the 1920s, derived from primitive ᴱ✶tesare (PE13/153; PE14/70; PE16/138). The middle l is therefore probably the result of dissimilation away from the final r.

Neo-Quenya: In Tolkien’s later writings, an ancient s that became z dissimilated back to s before a following r, as with kazār > casar (PE17/45; PE19/73). Therefore, I would adapt this early word as ᴺQ. tesar “brick, tile” to better fit later Quenya phonology.

References ✧ PE13/153; PE14/70; PE16/138