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Q. óla- v. “to dream (impersonal)” (Category: Dream)

Q. óla-, v. “to dream (impersonal)” (Category: Dream)

An impersonal verb for “to dream” based on the root √OLO-S, so that presumably the purported subject would be in the dative: óla nin “[it] dreams to me = I dream”. This verb says something interesting about Elvish psychology, in that dreams are seen as things that happen to a dreamer rather than an action of the dreamer themselves. This is likely tied to the Elvish experience of receiving telepathic visions through dreams, from other Elves or from greater powers.

Conceptual Development: The Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s has a verb G. oltha- that could likewise be used in an impersonal construction with the dative to mean “I dream” (GL/62).

Reference ✧ UT/396 ✧ ōla- “to dream”



Phonetic Developments

olo-s > ōla- [ōla-] ✧ UT/396