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ᴺQ. [ᴹQ.] maryë adv. “at home” (Category: Home)

ᴺQ. [ᴹQ.] maryë, adv. “at home, *indoors” (Category: Home)
ᴱQ. indoitë “indoors, at home, homely, domestic”
See ᴹQ. marre for discussion.

ᴹQ. marre adv. “at home” (Category: Home)

A pair of locative variants marre, marye from the Declension of Nouns of the early 1930s, the first derived from ᴹ✶mardasē, and the second from ᴹQ. mar “house” + ᴹQ. ye “at” (PE21/27).

Neo-Quenya: In Tolkien’s later writing, the sound changes producing marre from ᴹ✶mardasē are rather dubious, but I think ᴺQ. maryë “at home” might remain viable as an abstract adverbial form. I would also use maryë in the sense “*indoors”, inspired by ᴱQ. indoite “at home, indoors” (QL/43).

References ✧ PE21/27