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Q. calambar adj. “*light-fated” (Category: to Bless)

Q. calambar, adj. “*light-fated” (Category: to Bless)

A noun in the phrase Nai kalambar onnalda ter coivierya from the late 1960s (VT49/41). Carl Hostetter suggested the word may mean “*light-fate(d)”, a combination of cala “light” and ambar “fate”, which he compared with Turambar “Master of Fate” (VT49/42). In a post on the Vinyë Lambengolmor Discord Server (VLDS) on 2023-06-01, Röandil suggested it might instead mean “*light-dwelling” or “*light-dweller”, as with words like Hröambari “Incarnates; (lit.) *Body-dwelling” (NM/14) or ombari “company, dwellers together” (NM/117).

Reference ✧ VT49/42 ✧ kalambar “*light-fated”



cala “light”
umbar “fate, doom, curse”

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