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Q. colbanavië n. “gestation, *(lit.) womb-being” (Category: Pregnant)

Q. colbanavië, n. “gestation, *(lit.) womb-being” (Category: Pregnant)

A noun for “gestation” in notes on Elvish life cycles from 1959, appearing in the form colbamarië and colbanavië (NM/91, 120). The initial element is colba in both cases, which might mean “womb” based on the root √KOL “bear, carry”. The final elements are marië (perhaps = “dwelling”) and navië (probably = “being”), so the literal meanings may be “*womb-dwelling” and “*womb-being”.

Reference ✧ NM/120 ✧ Colbanavië “gestation”


#colba “*womb”
návë “being”

Q. colbamarië n. “gestation, *(lit.) womb-residence” (Category: Pregnant)

See Q. colbanavië for discussion.

Reference ✧ NM/91 ✧ “gestation”


#colba “*womb”
MBAR “settle, dwell; establish, fix, decide, determine, make a decision”