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Q. ambalotsë n. “uprising-flower” (Category: Helmet)

Q. ambalotsë, n. “uprising-flower” (Category: Helmet)

Quenya cognate for S. amloth “uprising flower” in the name Ægamloth (archaic for Egamloth) “Pointed Helm-crest” (WJ/318). It is a combination of amba “up” and lotsë “flower”. Tolkien said this word is “referring to the flower or floreate device used as a crest fixed to point of a tall helmet”, and thus only refers to a type of “helm-crest”, not any kind of flower.

Reference ✧ WJ/318 ✧ ambalotse “uprising-flower”


amba¹ “up(wards)”
lotsë “small (single) flower”