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ᴹQ. am(ba)penda adj. “uphill” (Category: Slope, Cliff)

ᴹQ. am(ba)penda, adj. “uphill, *sloping up; [ᴱQ.] arduous, difficult, tiresome” (Category: Slope, Cliff)

An adjective meaning “uphill” in The Etymologies of the 1930s with variants ambapenda and shorter ampenda, a combination of amba “up(wards)” and penda “sloping” (Ety/AM²). More literally it means “*sloping up”, versus plain penda which has an implication of “sloping down”. It also appeared in the Early Noldorin Dictionary of the 1920s as ᴱQ. ambapenda, where its cognate ᴱN. amvenn had the glosses “uphill; arduous, difficult, tiresome” (PE13/159). Perhaps ᴹQ. am(ba)penda could colloquially have these meanings as well.

References ✧ Ety/AM²




amba “up(wards)” ✧ Ety/AM²
penda “sloping down, inclined”
ᴹ√PEN(ED) “*hillside, slope” ✧ Ety/AM² (PEN)


ᴱQ. ambapenda adj. “uphill; arduous, difficult, tiresome” (Category: Up, Above, Over)

See ᴹQ. am(ba)penda for discussion.

Reference ✧ PE13/159 ✧ “uphill; arduous, difficult, tiresome”


amba “up” ✧ PE13/159
#penda² “*sloping” ✧ PE13/159 (#penda)