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Q. umbo(n) n. “hill, lump, clump, mass” (Category: Mound, Pile)

Q. umbo(n), n. “lump, clump, mass, ⚠️hill” (Category: Mound, Pile)
ᴱQ. tyúma “lump, mass”

A noun from 1967 notes on the comparative, apparently meaning “hill, lump, clump, mass” and derived from the root √MBŎNO (PE17/93), where the um- developed from syllabic initial ṃ-. Tolkien introduced the root √MBŎNO to serve as a new basis for S. amon “hill”, motivated by his decision to give the root √AM “up” a new meaning: √AMA “addition, increase, plus”, so that it could serve as the basis for the intensive prefix am- (PE17/91).

Neo-Eldarin: I prefer Q. an- as the basis for intensives, but I think the word umbo(n) might be worth retaining in the more limited sense “lump, clump, mass”. For “hill”, however, I’d use the better attested Q. ambo.

Reference ✧ PE17/93 ✧ “hill, lump, clump, mass”



Phonetic Developments

ṃbono > umbo(n) [ṃbono] > [ṃbon] > [umbon] ✧ PE17/93