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Q. antil n. “*middle finger” (Category: Finger)

⚠️Q. antil, n. “*middle finger” (Category: Finger)
Q. lependë “middle finger”

An alternate name for the middle finger in rough drafts of Eldarin Hands, Fingers and Numerals from 1968, a combination of √ƷAN “adorn” and Q. til “tip” (VT47/26-27 note #35). As pointed out by Patrick Wynne, this represents an abnormal development for initial ʒ, vanishing rather than becoming h; this vanishing of ʒ was a feature of Quenya Tolkien toyed with in the late 1960s.

Reference ✧ VT47/26 ✧ “*middle finger”


ƷAN “adorn; extend; long” ✧ VT47/26
tillë “tip, point; [within compounds] finger, toe” suffix ✧ VT47/26 (-til)