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Q. úmaitë adj. “clumsy(-handed), unskilled” (Category: Weak, Infirm)

Q. úmaitë, adj. “clumsy(-handed), unskilled” (Category: Weak, Infirm)

An adjective in Quenya Notes (QN) from 1957 glossed “clumsy(-handed), unskilled”, a negated form of maitë “handy, skillful” (PE17/162).

Reference ✧ PE17/162 ✧ úmaite “clumsy(-handed), unskilled”


ú- “no, not, un-, in-; hard, difficult, bad, uneasy; hardly, with difficulty, ‘badly’”
maitë “handy, skillful; having a hand, handed; shapely” ✧ PE17/162 (~maite)