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ᴺQ. [Q.] ^vinima adj. “childish” (Category: Child)

ᴺQ. [Q.] ^vinima, adj. “childish” (Category: Child)
See Q. winima for discussion.

Q. winima adj. “childish” (Category: Child)

A word appearing as winima “childish” in notes from 1968, an adjectival form of winë (wini-) “child not yet full grown” (VT47/26).

Neo-Quenya: In other notes from this period, Tolkien said of winë that “Pengoloð gives these in archaic Quenya form before the change of w, in most situations to v” (VT48/6), so I would likewise adapt this word as ᴺQ. vinima.

Reference ✧ VT47/26 ✧ “childish”


winë “baby, little-one, child not yet full grown” ✧ VT47/26