ᴹQ. possessive pronouns grammar.

ᴹQ. possessive pronouns grammar.

Examples (1st-sg-poss)
Anarinya “my Sun” [← Anar] ✧ LR/72
Atarinya “my father” [← atar] ✧ LR/61
yonya “my son” [← yondo] ✧ LR/61
hildinyar “my heirs” [← #hilde] plural ✧ SD/56

Examples (2nd-sg-polite-poss)
atarella “your father” [← atar] ✧ PE22/119

Examples (3rd-sg-poss)
ataretta “his father” [← atar] ✧ PE22/118
matietta “a kind of eating, or style of eating, peculiar to him” [← #matie] ✧ PE22/119

Examples (1st-pl-inclusive-poss)
omentienwa [← omentie] ✧ PE17/14
omentiemman “upon our meeting” [← omentie] genitive ✧ PE17/14
omentiemman “of our meeting” [← omentie] genitive ✧ RS/324
kariemma “our doing” [← kar-] gerund ✧ PE17/14

Examples (2nd-pl-poss)
nóressella “in your land” [← nóre] locative possessive-second ✧ PE22/124

Reference ✧ PE22/119


colloquial possessive
possessive second

Element In

ᴱQ. possessive pronouns grammar.

Reference ✧ PE14/54

Element In