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Q. laurië n. and adv. “goldenness; like gold” (Category: Gold)

Q. laurië, n. and adv. “goldenness; like gold” (Category: Gold)

An abstract noun form of laurë “gold (light or colour)” meaning something like “goldenness”, also used adverbially for “like gold” or “goldenly” (PE17/58, 61). The word laurië “like gold” appeared in the Namárië poem from The Lord of the Rings (LotR/377), but Tolkien vacillated on whether it was an abstract noun used adverbially or the plural of the adjective laurëa “golden” used as an adverb. See the discussion of Quenya adverbs for more information.

References ✧ PE17/58, 61-62




laurë “gold (light or colour)” ✧ PE17/61
-ië¹ “abstract noun, adverb”
laurëa “golden (of hue)” ✧ PE17/58