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Q. *mixa adj. “sharp-pointed” (Category: Sharp)

Q. *mixa, adj. “sharp-pointed” (Category: Sharp)
ᴱQ. colmecta “pointed”

An adjective meaning “sharp-pointed” appearing in notes explaining the etymology of the name S. Maeglin from around 1971 (WJ/337, 339 note #10). Christopher Tolkien wrote this word as miχa with a χ (Greek chi), but the primitive form of this word was given as ✶mikrā. Since ancient [r] became [s] after voiceless stops like [k] in Quenya (PE19/83), it is more likely this word was pronounced [miksa], and the actual form was mixa (that is with an “x”).

Reference ✧ WJ/337 ✧ miχa “sharp-pointed”



Phonetic Developments

mikrā > miχa [mikrā] > [miksā] > [miksa] ✧ WJ/337