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Q. tolbo n. “big toe; stump, stub; thumb” (Category: Toe)

Q. tolbo, n. “big toe; stump, stub; ⚠️thumb” (Category: Toe)

A word for the “big toe” in notes on Eldarin Hands, Fingers and Numerals from the late 1960s, an elaboration of √TOL “stand up” (VT47/10). It was originally written as (deleted) taltolpe (VT47/27 note #37). It appeared beside similarly derived {tolpe >>} taltol “big toe” with an initial element of tál “foot”. It seems tolbo was a “play name”, while taltol was a more ordinary word.

Conceptual Development: In drafts of these notes, {tolpe >>} tolbo was used for “thumb”, along with an alternate meaning “a stump, stub (as of a truncated arm or branch)” (VT47/28 note #40). I would discard “thumb” as a possible meaning, but would retain “stump, stub” as a valid meaning for purposes of Neo-Quenya.

References ✧ VT47/10, 27-28





Phonetic Developments

TOL > tolbo [tolbo] ✧ VT47/28

Q. taltol n. “big toe” (Category: Toe)

See Q. tolbo for discussion.

References ✧ VT47/10, 28





tál “foot”
TOL “stick up or out, stand up (out and above neighboring things), raise the head” ✧ VT47/10