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ᴹQ. #ampana- v. “to build” (Category: to Build)

ᴹQ. #ampana-, v. “to build” (Category: to Build)
ᴱQ. tump-¹ “to build; to beat”

A verb for “to build” in the Quenya Verbal System of 1948, attested only in its imperfect passive participle form {ampananta >>} ampanaina “while it was being built” (PE22/108). A longer and better attested verb of the same meaning is ᴹQ. ampanóta-.

References ✧ PE22/108




ampanaina imperfect-passive-participle “while it was being built” ✧ PE22/108
ampananta imperfect-passive-participle   ✧ PE22/108


am- “up”
ᴹ√PAN “place, set, fix in place (especially of wood)”

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