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ᴱQ. fatsale n. “(tasseled) fringe” (Category: Adornment (other))

⚠️ᴱQ. fatsalë, n. “(tasseled) fringe” (Category: Adornment (other))
ᴺQ. ^fassalë “(tasseled) fringe”

A word appearing as ᴱQ. fatsale “(tasseled) fringe” in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s, an elaboration of ᴱQ. fas (fats-) “tassel” (QL/37).

Neo-Quenya: A later iteration of ᴹQ. fas “fringe, border” from the early 1930s had a stem form fass- (PE21/19), so I would adapt this word as ᴺQ. fassalë “(tasseled) fringe” for purposes of Neo-Quenya.

Reference ✧ QL/37 ✧ “(tasseled) fringe”


fas “tassel” stem ✧ QL/37 (fats-)
#-le “abstract noun” ✧ QL/37 (#-le)