Ad. -zê prep. “at” (Category: Preposition)

Ad. -zê prep. “at” (Category: Preposition)
A prepositional suffix translated “at” (SD/429), but not appearing in any example sentences. It is perhaps a later repurposing of the draft-dative case suffix -s, since the other draft-cases became prepositional suffixes in later versions of the Adûnaic grammar: draft genitive versus later preposition “from”, draft instrumental -ma versus later preposition -mâ “with”.

Reference ✧ SD/429 ✧ “at”


Ad. -s suf. “dative (draft)” (Category: Noun Inflection)

The suffix used for the draft-dative case (SD/438). It is attested in the Lament of Akallabêth (first draft) in a plural form: avalōi-si “Powers on” (SD/311). In a later conceptual stage, it may have become the ordinary prepositional suffix -zê “at”.

References ✧ SD/311, 438




-si plural “on” ✧ SD/311