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Q. malinornë n. “mallorn, (lit.) golden/yellow tree” (Category: Tree (other))

Q. malinornë, n. “mallorn, (lit.) golden/yellow tree” (Category: Tree (other))

The usual Quenya name for the mallorn tree, most notably appearing in the Entish phrase Laurelindórenan lindelorendor malinornélion ornemalin (LotR/467; Let/448). It is a combination of malina “yellow, golden colour” and ornë “tree”. In one place Tolkien considered an alternate form maldorne where the initial element was instead derived from primitive ✶malnā with ancient ln becoming ld (PE17/51).

References ✧ Let/448; LotR/467; NM/333; PE17/51, 80; UT/167-168; UTI/malinornë, mallorn




malinornelion genitive partitive-plural “of malinorni” ✧ PE17/80
malinornélion genitive partitive-plural; prosodic-lengthening   ✧ Let/448; LotR/467
malinornélion genitive partitive-plural; prosodic-lengthening “of yellow trees” ✧ PE17/80
malinorni plural   ✧ NM/333; PE17/80; UT/168; UTI/mallorn


malina “yellow, of golden colour” ✧ Let/308; PE17/51 (malda); PE17/51; PE17/80 (mălĭna)
ornë “(tall) tree” ✧ Let/308; PE17/80

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