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Q. mahalma n. “throne” (Category: Chair)

Q. mahalma, n. “throne” (Category: Chair)

A noun for “throne” in the phrase nai tiruvantes i hárar mahalmassen mi Númen “in the keeping of those who sit upon thrones of the West” (UT/305, 317). In the Quendi and Eldar essay of 1959-60, Tolkien said that mahalma was derived from Valarin maχallām of the same meaning and was “properly one of the seats of the Valar” (WJ/399). As such, this word is unlikely to be used for an ordinary “throne”, which instead would be tarhanwa.

References ✧ UT/305, 317; WJ/399




mahalmassen locative plural “on thrones” ✧ UT/305
mahalmassen locative plural   ✧ UT/317
mahalmar plural “thrones” ✧ UT/305

Element In


Phonetic Developments

Val. maχallām > mahalma [maxalma] > [mahalma] ✧ WJ/399