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ᴺQ. [ᴱQ.] ^piuca n. “blackberry” (Category: Berry)

ᴺQ. [ᴱQ.] ^piuca, n. “blackberry” (Category: Berry)
See ᴱQ. piukka for discussion.

ᴱQ. piukka n. “blackberry” (Category: Berry)

A word appearing as ᴱQ. piukka “blackberry” in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s, an elaboration of ᴱQ. pio “berry” (QL/61, 74). This word was also mentioned in the contemporaneous Poetic and Mythological Words of Eldarissa and Gnomish Lexicon (PME/74; GL/64).

Neo-Quenya: I’d adapt this word as ᴺQ. piuca “blackberry” for purposes of Neo-Quenya, since a diphthong cannot precede a double-consonant in Quenya as Tolkien’s conceived it in his later writings.

References ✧ GL/64; LT2A/Silpion; PME/74; QL/61, 74




pio “berry, plum, cherry” ✧ QL/74