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S. galad [ñg-], n. “radiance, glittering reflection; light”

S. galad [ñg-], n. “radiance, glittering reflection; light”

This word was translated as “light” in the Etymologies (EtyAC/GAL, PE17/23), but in later writings had the sense “radiance, glittering reflection” (PM/347). In its earlier meaning, it was derived from the root √GAL¹ (EtyAC/GAL, PE17/84). However, the word was not lenited in S. Gil-galad, indicating that primitively it began with ✶ng-. Tolkien devised a new etymology of the word, from √Ñ(G)AL > ✶ñalatā > ñgalad > galad (PM/347).

References ✧ Let/425; PE17/84; PM/347; SA/kal


Element In



N. galad n. “light”

Reference ✧ EtyAC/GAL ✧ “light”


Phonetic Developments

ᴹ√GAL > galad [galata] > [galat] > [galad] ✧ EtyAC/GAL.007