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Q. lossëa adj. “snowy, (snow) white” (Category: Snow)

Q. lossëa, adj. “snowy, (snow) white” (Category: Snow)
ᴱQ. niquissëa “snowy”

A word for “snowy” or “snow-white”, an adjective form of lossë “snow” (PE17/161; VT42/18). In one place it was simply glossed “white” (PE17/71), though in most places the generic Quenya word for “white” is ninquë.

Conceptual Development: In some poems from written around 1930, Tolkien used similar words for “white” in a couple places, for example in the phrase ᴱQ. ondoli losse karkane “the white rocks snarling” from the Oilima Markirya poem (MC/213); here the word for “white” might be the plural of an adjective ᴱQ. lossa as suggested by Gilson, Welden and Hostetter (PE16/84). An element losse “white” also appears in the phrase ᴱQ. losselie telerinwa “the white people of the shores of Elfland” from the Nieninqe poem (MC/216). However, for this most part in the earliest period, losse was use for “flower” words; see that entry for discussion.

References ✧ PE17/71, 161; VT42/18




lossë¹ “snow, fallen snow; snow-white, snowy” ✧ PE17/161; VT42/18

Element In

ᴱQ. #lossa adj. “white” (Category: White)

See Q. lossëa for discussion.

References ✧ MC/213, 216; PE16/92


losse plural; adj-agreement “white” ✧ MC/213; MC/216
losse plural; adj-agreement   ✧ PE16/92

Element In