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ᴹQ. nikse n. “minnow, little fish” (Category: Fish)

ᴹQ. nixë, n. “minnow, little fish” (Category: Fish)

A word appearing in the Declension of Noun from the early 1930s as nis (niks-) or nikse “minnow, little fish” (PE21/20, 27). It reappeared in the Quenya Verbal System from the 1940s in the phrase ᴹQ. niksi koitar nenesse “fish live in water” (PE22/125). It might be related to the root √NIK “small”.

References ✧ PE21/20, 27; PE22/125




niksa accusative   ✧ PE21/27
niksin nominative plural   ✧ PE21/27
niksulin nominative plural   ✧ PE21/27
niksi plural “fish” ✧ PE22/125
niks- stem   ✧ PE21/20

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