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Q. sintamo n. “smith” (Category: Smith)

Q. sintamo, n. “smith” (Category: Smith)

A word specifically for a “[metal] smith” based on primitive ✶sinkitamo, as opposed to more generic tamo “smith, *builder” which can refer to a variety of craftsman (PE17/107-108). Its initial element seems to be a restoration of ᴱQ. sink “mineral, metal, gem” from the 1910s (QL/83), and might be related to Q. sinca “flint”. If so, this word may have originally meant “*mineral smith”, perhaps referring to the extraction of metal from minerals.

Conceptual Development: The Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s had ᴱQ. tongar “smith”, apparently an agental form ᴱQ. tonga “great hammer” under the early root ᴱ√TOŊO, so more literally “*hammerer” and thus likely referring to metal smithing (QL/94).

Reference ✧ PE17/108 ✧ “smith”



tamo “smith, builder, wright, artificer” ✧ PE17/108


Phonetic Developments

sinkitamo > sintamo [siŋkitamo] ? [sintamo] ✧ PE17/108

ᴱQ. tongar n. “smith” (Category: Smith)

See Q. sintamo for discussion.

Reference ✧ QL/94 ✧ “smith”


tonga “great hammer” ✧ QL/94
#-(a)r “masculine/agental suffix” ✧ QL/94 (#-r)