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ᴱQ. endl n. “plain, vale” (Category: Plain, Field)

⚠️ᴱQ. endl, n. “plain, vale” (Category: Plain, Field)
Q. nan(do) “(wide) valley, vale; ⚠️[ᴹQ.] water-mead, watered plain; [ᴱQ.] woodland”

A noun in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s glossed “plain, vale”, a derivative of ᴱ√EŊE (QL/36). More than likely it is an example of the sound change “where a nasal came to stand finally before (from or ) it gave -ndl (through ndl, ngl, mb[l])” (PE12/25).

Reference ✧ QL/36 ✧ “plain, vale”

Element In



Phonetic Developments

ᴱ√EŊE > endl [eŋḷ] > [endḷ] ✧ QL/36