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ᴹQ. arat (arak-) n. “weed” (Category: Vegetation (other))

ᴹQ. arat (arac-), n. “weed” (Category: Vegetation (other))

A word for “weed” in the Declension of Nouns (DN) from the early 1930s with a stem form of arak- (PE21/33, 35).

References ✧ PE21/33, 35




arakullo ablative   ✧ PE21/35
aratyo ablative; assimilated   ✧ PE21/35
arityo ablative; assimilated   ✧ PE21/35
arukullo ablative   ✧ PE21/35
araka accusative   ✧ PE21/35
arahta allative; assimilated   ✧ PE21/35
arakunta allative   ✧ PE21/35
arukunta allative   ✧ PE21/35
araken dative   ✧ PE21/35
arako genitive   ✧ PE21/35
arakanen instrumental   ✧ PE21/35
aranken instrumental   ✧ PE21/35
aruqen instrumental   ✧ PE21/35
arakesse locative   ✧ PE21/35
arakse locative; assimilated   ✧ PE21/35
arat nominative   ✧ PE21/35
arakunt nominative dual   ✧ PE21/35
arukunt nominative dual   ✧ PE21/35
arakin nominative plural   ✧ PE21/35
arakíta partitive-plural   ✧ PE21/35
aratya possessive   ✧ PE21/35
aritya possessive   ✧ PE21/35
arakson similative   ✧ PE21/35
arukundon similative   ✧ PE21/35
arak- stem “weed” ✧ PE21/35