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ᴹQ. nov- v. (basic-verb) “?to think, form idea, imagine” (Category: to Think, Reflect)

⚠️ᴹQ. nov-, v. (basic-verb) “?to think, form idea, imagine” (Category: to Think, Reflect)
Q. #sana- “*to think, reflect”

An unglossed verb in a marginal note the Quenya Verbal System of the 1940s, appearing as a root form √NOV, with future forms nouva > nóva, and long imperfect form novalya, illustrating certain phonetic developments in Quenya future forms of verbs with stems ending in -ov, -uv (PE22/101). It is possible this is the Quenya verb form of the root ᴹ√NOWO “think, form idea, imagine” and hence with a similar meaning, but it is hard to say since the verb is unglossed and the root might be *√NOB. For purposes of Neo-Quenya, it is probably better to use sana- for “to think”.

References ✧ PE22/101



nouva future ✧ PE22/101
nóva future ✧ PE22/101
novalya present; long-imperfect ✧ PE22/101