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ᴹQ. n. “reed, grass-stem” (Category: Grass)

ᴹQ. , n. “reed, grass-stem” (Category: Grass)

A word appearing in the Declension of Nouns (DN) of the early 1930s glossed “grass-stem, reed” and derived from the root ᴹ√RĪI̯ as an example of a monosyllabic vocalic noun (PE21/38). In drafts of this section it was glossed only “reed” (PE21/41 note #147).

References ✧ PE21/38, 41





rillo ablative ✧ PE21/38
rílo ablative ✧ PE21/38
ri(l)lut ablative dual ✧ PE21/38
ria accusative ✧ PE21/38
ría accusative ✧ PE21/38
riut accusative dual ✧ PE21/38
rinta allative ✧ PE21/38
ríta allative ✧ PE21/38
ri(n)tau allative dual ✧ PE21/38
rien dative ✧ PE21/38
ríen dative ✧ PE21/38
riu dative dual ✧ PE21/38
rio genitive ✧ PE21/38
rínen instrumental ✧ PE21/38
rímet instrumental dual ✧ PE21/38
risse locative ✧ PE21/38
risset locative dual ✧ PE21/38
nominative ✧ PE21/38
riunt nominative dual ✧ PE21/38
rílin nominative plural ✧ PE21/38
ríva possessive ✧ PE21/38
rindon similative ✧ PE21/38
rínon similative ✧ PE21/38