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Q. lepincë (lepinci-) n. “little finger” (Category: Finger)

Q. lepincë (lepinci-), n. “little finger” (Category: Finger)

A word for the “little finger” in notes on Eldarin Hands, Fingers and Numerals from 1968, a combination of ✶lepe “finger” and the diminutive suffix ✶-inki, appearing first as lepinka and later as lepinke (VT47/10-11; VT48/5). The short form Q. {nitye >>} níke was also used for the “little finger” (VT48/5, 15).

Conceptual Development: In drafts of these notes, the word first appeared as Q. nihtil, a combination of √NIK “small” and Q. -til “point” (VT47/26).

References ✧ VT47/10, 26-27; VT48/5, 18




lepe “finger” ✧ VT47/10
-i(n)ki “diminutive suffix” ✧ VT47/26 (-inkĭ); VT48/18 (-inkĭ)


Q. nihtil n. “little [finger]” (Category: Finger)

See Q. lepincë for discussion.

Reference ✧ VT47/26 ✧ “little [finger]”


Phonetic Developments

niktil > nihtil [niktil] > [nixtil] ✧ VT47/26