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Q. úcalima adj. “dim, murky” (Category: Dark, Murky)

Q. úcalima, adj. “dim, murky, *not bright” (Category: Dark, Murky)

A word for “dim, murky” in notes from 1969 illustrating the use of the ú- prefix with -ima adjectives, in this case calima “luminous, bright” (PE22/156), hence literally “*not bright”.

Reference ✧ PE22/156 ✧ úkalima “dim, murky”



ú- “no, not, un-, in-; hard, difficult, bad, uneasy; hardly, with difficulty, ‘badly’” ✧ PE22/156 (ū-)
calima “bright, luminous” ✧ PE22/156 (kălima)