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Q. were- v. “to weave” (Category: to Weave)

⚠️Q. were-, v. “to weave” (Category: to Weave)
ᴹQ. lanya- “to weave”

A verb based on √WER “weave” that Tolkien coined in notes from around 1957 while exploring the development of the name S. Gwaihir (PE17/33). The section where this verb appeared was marked out, and in notes 1959-60 Tolkien changed the root to √WIR “weave” (PE17/191; VT39/10).

Neo-Quenya: This verb might be updated to *vir- “to weave” from the later form of the root, but I prefer to stick to attested [ᴹQ.] lanya- for “to weave” (Ety/LAN).

Reference ✧ PE17/33 ✧ “weave”


Phonetic Developments

WER > were- [gwer-] > [ɣwer-] > [wer-] ✧ PE17/33