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ᴹQ. telumet (telumett-) n. “canopy” (Category: Roof)

ᴹQ. telumet (telumett-), n. “canopy” (Category: Roof)

A word for “canopy” appearing in the Declension of Nouns of the early 1930s, an elaboration of ᴹQ. telume “vault, heaven” (PE21/16). It initially had a stem form of telumeht- (PE21/16), but this was revised to telumett- (PE21/37 and note #133).

References ✧ PE21/16, 33, 37





telumehtullo ablative ✧ PE21/37
telumet(t)ullo ablative ✧ PE21/37
telumettulo ablative ✧ PE21/37
telumetyo ablative; assimilated ✧ PE21/37
telumehta accusative ✧ PE21/37; PE21/37
telumetta accusative ✧ PE21/37
telumehtanta allative ✧ PE21/37
telumet(t)unta allative ✧ PE21/37
telumetta allative; assimilated ✧ PE21/37
telumetten dative ✧ PE21/37
telumetto genitive ✧ PE21/37
[telum]etwen instrumental ✧ PE21/37
telumehtanen instrumental ✧ PE21/37
telumettanen instrumental ✧ PE21/37
telumettumet instrumental dual ✧ PE21/37
telumetúmet instrumental dual ✧ PE21/37
telumehtesse locative ✧ PE21/37
telumet(t)esse locative ✧ PE21/37
telumetse locative; assimilated ✧ PE21/37
telumet nominative ✧ PE21/37
telumet nominative ✧ PE21/37
telumehtunt nominative dual ✧ PE21/37
telumettunt nominative dual ✧ PE21/37
telumehtulin nominative plural ✧ PE21/37
telumeksin nominative plural ✧ PE21/37
telumetsin nominative plural ✧ PE21/37
telumettulin nominative plural ✧ PE21/37
telumehtuva possessive ✧ PE21/37
telumettuva possessive ✧ PE21/37
telumehtanon similative ✧ PE21/37
telumettanon similative ✧ PE21/37
telumeht- stem ✧ PE21/16