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Q. #oroman (oromand-) n. “mountain dweller” (Category: Hill, Mountain)

Q. #oroman (oromand-), n. “mountain dweller” (Category: Hill, Mountain)

A word appearing only in its plural form oromandi in the 1950s verion of the Q. Nieninquë poem where Tolkien translated it as “mountain dweller” (PE16/96). In the versions of the poem from 1921-1931, ᴱQ. oromandi(n) was translated “wood-elves” (PE16/90, 92) or “wood-spirits” (MC/215).

References ✧ PE16/96


oromandi plural   ✧ PE16/96
oromandi plural “mountain dweller” ✧ PE16/96


oro “mount, mountain, hill”

Element In

ᴱQ. #oroman n. “wood-spirit” (Category: Dryad, Nymph)

See Q. #oroman for discussion.

References ✧ MC/215; PE16/90, 92


oromandi plural “wood-elves” ✧ PE16/90; PE16/92
oromandin plural “wood-spirits” ✧ MC/215

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