Q. ‽farnë (farni-), n. “rowan; foliage”

A Quenya noun for the rowan-tree, appearing in an explanation of the name Orofarnë in notes from the 1950s, though Tolkien marked it with a “?” as uncertain (PE17/83). Its older form was either fărnĭ or primitive ✶pharne; if the former, its stem form would be farni-.

Conceptual Development: In the Etymologies from the 1930s, a similar word ᴹQ. ferne appears as the Quenya word for “beech-tree” (Ety/PHER). Conversely, ᴹQ. farne appeared with the gloss “foliage” as a derivative of ᴹ√PHAS (EtyAC/PHARAN, PHAS). Since the beech and the rowan are similar species of trees, it is possible that Tolkien intended to replace ferne < ᴹ√PHER(EN) with farnë < √PHAR(AN).

Neo-Quenya: For the purpose of Neo-Quenya writing, I think you would be better off using the earlier but better-known word fernë for beech-trees and their relatives, to avoid conflicts with derivatives of the root ᴹ√PHAR “suffice”. This would also let you use farne (< ᴹ√PHAS) with the sense “foliage” as it appeared in the Etymologies (EtyAC/PHAS), though the later word olass(i)ë “foliage” may be a better choice for that purpose.

References ✧ PE17/83




fărnĭ stem “rowan” ✧ PE17/083.1105

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ᴹQ. farne n. “foliage”

References ✧ EtyAC/PHARAN, PHAS