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Q. raumo n. “(noise of a) storm” (Category: Storm)

Q. raumo, n. “(noise of a) storm” (Category: Storm)
ᴱQ. haloisi “the sea (in storm)”
ᴱQ. laumë¹ “storm, overcast sky”

A word for “storm” in the version of the Markirya poem from the 1960s (MC/222), more accurately “(noise of a) storm” (MC/223). It may be related to the root ᴹ√RAW “*roar”.

Conceptual Development: In the ᴱQ. Oilima Markirya poem from circa 1930, the word was ᴱQ. húro instead (MC/214), possibly related to ᴱN. huiriaith “gale” from the early root ᴱ√SURU (PE13/148). ᴱQ. laume “storm, overcast sky” from Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s is another possible precursor.

References ✧ MC/222-223


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ᴱQ. húro n. “storm” (Category: Storm)

See Q. raumo for discussion.

Reference ✧ MC/214 ✧ “storm”

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