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Q. yávië n. “autumn, harvest [time or act]” (Category: Crop, Harvest)

Q. yávië, n. “autumn, harvest [time or act]” (Category: Crop, Harvest)
ᴺQ. !cermië “harvest”

A word translated “autumn, harvest” in The Lord of the Rings appendices (LotR/1111), clearly based on yávë “fruit”. This word referred to the third out of six “official” Elvish seasons in the Calendar of Imladris (LotR/1107), but could also be used more causally for the autumn time of the year (LotR/1111). Given its second gloss “harvest”, I think it can also refer to the time or act of harvesting of crops. However, for the harvest itself (the produce) I would instead use [ᴺQ.] salcessë.

Conceptual Development: The Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s had ᴱQ. Yāvan “(Autumn), Harvest” based on ᴱQ. yāva “fruit, produce” (QL/105). The English-Qenya Dictionary of the 1920s also had ᴱQ. yávan “autumn, harvest”, but in that document the word was deleted (QL/69).

References ✧ LotR/1107, 1111; SA/yávë



yávë “fruit” ✧ SA/yávë
-ië¹ “abstract noun, adverb”

Element In


ᴱQ. yávan n. “harvest, autumn” (Category: Crop, Harvest)

See Q. yávië for discussion.

References ✧ LT1A/Yavanna; PE15/69; QL/105




yavandi plural ✧ PE15/69


yáva “fruit, produce” ✧ LT1A/Yavanna; QL/105 (yāva)